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About Target Time

Mr. Robert Newberry, Founder of Target Time LLC, possesses over 29 years of local law enforcement experience. Mr. Newberry has a vast knowledge in firearms, ammunition, firearms education, tactical weapons training, safety instruction, and Texas Laws to list just a few. Such organizations that note him as such are The National Rifle Association, the State of Texas (both local and statewide government agencies), the FBI, and The United States Air Force. Married for over 30 years to his wife and cofounder of Target Time LLC, Sherry Newberry, together they bring this industry to the next level in outstanding excellence in customer service with Texas hospitality. They are Texans. They know guns.

Mr. Newberry's reputation of knowledge with firearms education & the current laws (like ltc/CHL licenses in Texas) is second to none. His vast and wise experience also consists of extensive military training; a man who served our country in The United States Air Force. With over 12 years’ experience as  a licensed CHL instructor in Texas, he joins the vision of Mrs. Newberry to provide the best firearms education in Texas to men, women & their families with brand new state of the art facilities. 

We also have a kind and friendly staff that has over 30 years of law enforcement experience.  Our motto that we strive to achieve daily is... "You're not a customer. You're family. When it comes to customer service, we hit a bullseye every time."