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Kids are our future. The only way that our sport will endure is if we teach our children the how and why of safe shooting and responsible gun ownership. This class covers the 4 rules every child must know:

  • Stop!

  • Don’t Touch

  • Leave the area

  • Tell an adult

As well as what to do if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, being exposed to firearms while at other people’s house, & various other safety precautions. This kid’s & teen class will help teach about gun safety and the importance of learning to handle a gun properly. Teaching kids to respect a firearm and learning ways to keep them safe is a big part of protecting them. Parents are encourage to attend free of charge so they may reinforce at home what is discussed during the class. Due to class size only 1 parent may attend & no other children not attending the class are allowed.

Class includes:

This is a 1 hour classroom instruction only & does not include shooting on the range. We do offer kids classes that include the ability for them to practice shooting on the range & programs to advance in their skill level.

Class Prerequisites:   NONE

Age Requirement:   7 & up


Other Related Classes for kids/teens: The above class is taught with all kids/teens in mind whether they are interested in firearms or not. As a parent myself, I know we do everything we can to protect our kids but you never know where they might unexpectantly run into a situation (such as a firearm at a friend or relatives house). This class teaches those safety aspects whether they go on to pursue a love for firearms or not. However for those that do want to take this first step a little further, we do offer classes for beginners in basics & work up into competitions as well as kids birthday parties for a fun filled safety first approach to firearms. Please visit our Kids Corner & Events page for more info.