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Kids are our future. The only way that our sport will endure is if we teach our children the how and why of safe shooting and responsible gun ownership. In times past the main theme for firearms for kids were to go hunting with dad or grandpa & seldom were women taught. Very little emphasis was put on self protection but just a fun activity in which you had to be safe. Times have changed. Now kids amuse themselves with TV & Video games and parents have to watch like a hawk just for them to play in their own front yard. Self Protection is as important as it has ever been & the days of hunting with dad or grandpa are just not as prevalent. Thus leading to fewer & fewer kids knowing or handling firearms & the love of a fun filled sport with family is slowly dying along with our voice of tomorrow.

The majority of our leaders that are keeping our 2nd amendment rights alive are between the ages of 40-60. What is to happen to our rights once this generation has passed on? Will the new younger generation be so protective of our gun rights? Do they really understand all aspects of the situation as a whole? I would like to hope so but question without the love of guns, positive experiences with firearms, and a lack of knowledge being taught to young kids today that our rights will not be fought for as hard as today’s leaders.

Target Time understands these important topics and what impact it could have on all of us if the voices of tomorrow are not as strong as voices of today. With our world getting more violent day by day, the need for self protection grows along with the passion to still be able to enjoy hunting and shooting competitions as a hobby. Thus we understand that kids are our future and part of our job to help teach the kids of today what is important for tomorrow. With that in mind we are strongly committed to be a source for training to teach kids/teens how to properly handle firearms so they may have the opportunity to explore avenues such as hunting with dad/grandpa again, or hobbies such as shooting competitions.

So what are some of the activities for kids that can be found at Target Time? Click on the links for more info.

Birthday Shooting Parties

Gun Safety Awareness Class

Let’s Learn To Shoot Course 1 & 2

Kids Shooting Competitions

Young Adults Self Protection Class

Parents are highly encouraged to attend for free to any of our seminars however due to class size we may only have space available for 1 parent and no other children are allowed that are not attending the class. Target Time’s main agenda is SAFETY and EDUCATION. Classes taught may or may not involve a firearm and up to each family to determine what is the best course for their loved ones. We want to provide a fun & safe time for families wanting to have a hobby the whole family can do together. Target Time updates the calendar all the time for additional classes & fun things to do plus keep checking back for periodic free range time listed on the calendar. For more information on any of these classes or events please feel free to contact us.